Almost There

A Gateway to Hope has helped fulfill my overwhelming desire to fashion the lives of others through writing. I have come to love the characters as if they were a part of my own family.

Before the manuscript was sent to the formatter, I purchased the services of independent contractors on Fiverr. First, I wanted the book blurb read on a book trailer. Okay, you may ask, who makes book trailers with a voice-over of a book blurb? A legitimate question.

Second, I envisioned chapter one narrated in a video highlighting the protagonists.

After listening to various voice-over recordings and poring over many book trailers, I chose three Fiverr contractors Actress Ellen, Mocha Gypsy, and Mcgully, full names are never disclosed, to bring my vision to life. If you haven’t viewed the book trailer and video, please do so here or on my Facebook author page.

YouTube remains an available option as well, both for the book trailer and the chapter one video. Now the book’s description is available and the mood is set, but ensuring those videos get viewed by booklovers everywhere has puzzled me.

Though sometimes technically challenged, I am learning to navigate through the previously mentioned avenues more easily than expected. Yes, uploading the book trailer and video to my social sites has been relatively simple. Drawing potential readers to view them is a different matter.

Days away from the e-book version being published, and approximately ten days away from the print version that will follow, I’m praying to make the right moves going forward. Actually, I’m asking everyone to pray for me.

After rounds of edits and much-needed author services, the marketing budget is limited. Yet promotion places the book in front of its intended audience and is therefore necessary.

Lots of people effortlessly handle multiple social media accounts. I applaud their flexibility and expertise. Wish I could join them. With another standalone book following the same hope theme waiting to be penned, I can only handle two sites at a time. Especially since I have a full-time job.

Because a decision must be made pronto, I will sign up for a book giveaway with Standoutbooks, once the paperback and e-book are published. Then I plan to blitz the book and take a book-blog tour around the Internet. Now the question is with whom.

One blog that came highly recommended revealed its integrity by not allowing me to waste any money. The owner explained that her company saw greater results with young and new adult books. It seems that they don’t have a very large number of tour hosts who read the adult genre. Though I appreciated the honesty, it left a hole in my plans.

The search is on for multiple avenues to place A Gateway to Hope in the hands of booklovers everywhere.

Next up: The e-book is available online!

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