A Book Tour to Remember

The three-week virtual book tour for A Gateway to Hope ended July 30, but the fun continues.

Now you can join Loving the Book as it hosts my inspirational romance, A Living Hope, August 1-21.

Enter the giveaway, read the reviews and interviews, plus hangout with fellow readers from around the world.

Come join the fun.

See you there!


July 31st is the Day!

I am happily tired, excited and very thankful. The eBook and paperback for A Living Hope is available at major online retailers as of July 31.

The process was shorter and easier this time. But as with life in general, there is still a lot to know. Thank God I’m learning. But perhaps not as quickly as I would like to.

What did I pick up this time around?

The number-one lesson I won’t forget is to stop setting ridiculous deadlines that I simply cannot meet. At least not while working a full-time job. But that job is the reason I can eat a good meal each day. It pays the bills. Especially those bills that accumulate while pursuing a self-publishing writing career.

So where do I go from here?

I’m planning to submit the final manuscript for the YA book Pajama Party: The Story to the formatter in October 2016. Yeah, I know. Another ridiculous self-determined deadline that I made in the headiness of writing “The End” for A Living Hope.

Hope I can meet it!

The Upload to Retailers is Complete!

The manuscript was uploaded for the eBook and paperback, and I am overjoyed. It feels wonderful to finish a task that you lived with daily for a long period of time. Thankfully the second time around was significantly easier — even though I still have a lot to learn about the writing process. Establishing a routine that truly works right along with the day job is ongoing work. Yet progress is on the horizon.

The intimidation factor of venturing into the unknown was missing this time. My confidence level was higher than when writing A Gateway to Hope. Once again I fell in love with the characters. It’s like Sadie and Kyle became a part of my family, just like Neka and James had. I really got to know them inside and out. After a while, information about their characters flowed effortless onto the paper. I knew these people and could anticipate their reactions in any situation they faced.

I wonder if every author feels the same way about the characters they create? I didn’t think I would ever stop thinking about Neka and James and their family and friends. That is, until I began writing about Sadie and Kyle and their story mates.

Now, I must delve deeper into the lives of the characters in Pajama Party: The Story. October (a tentative ready date) will arrive in no time. I don’t want the month to catch me by surprise.

Keep praying for me as I pound away at the keyboard for insight and the Father’s desire for this story. Also, pray about book three in the hope-themed series, due in the summer of 2017.

Remember to pre-order your eBook copy of A Living Hope at the reduced price of $3.99 before July 31.

I’ll be back soon!

Good News

A Living Hope produced a special surprise that pleased me and I hope will delight you. Years ago, I wrote a play that debuted in St. Louis, but will now be contained between two covers. Book covers that is. The four-act play gets a full rejuvenation, and soon.

Stay tuned for the spin-off young adult novel Pajama Party: The Story, with a tentative release date of fall 2016.

Book three of the hope-themed series will be coming in the summer of 2017. Keep praying that God brings glory and honor to His name through the gifts and talents only He can provide.

Be blessed!

Whew! It’s done.

I sent the A Living Hope manuscript to Formatting Experts on July 3. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, iBooks. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords for a limited time at the special price of $3.99, then it will raise to $5.99.

As always, my family and friends supported me throughout the process with prayers and encouragement. Editors Amber Barry and Angela Trent helped to polish my tome. Alex, with Standoutbooks, wrote the perfect book blurb. And Rafal, along with the team at Formatting Experts, furnished the book cover, will format the copy, and do everything else needed to present this book to the reader.

The book-cover reveal, sponsored by Loving the Book, took place on June 15. A three-week online book tour featuring my first book, A Gateway to Hope, will launch July 10. Then the book tour for A Living Hope will begin August 1.