The Certain Hope Is a Done Deal!

The book was supposed to be published last November. What a difference twelve months make. Good thing my editors didn’t kick me to the curb. It was a long haul, but I finally made it. Book three of my standalone hope-themed series was sent to the formatter last week. There is one final obstacle of obtaining my ISBNs in a timely manner, but apart from that, I am breathing a relieved sigh and praying for a swift and favorable victory. Almost there!

On to book four. And then, one more to go in this series.

What’s on the agenda after this series is put to bed? Co-authoring a novel with one of my editors, Angela Trent, who is an awesome writer. Yay! Thank God she agreed. I’m looking forward to making it happen.

Also, a gracious reader asked me to write the story of each teenage girl in my young adult novel, Pajama Party. Of course I am happy to comply. Actually, happy is an understatement. I’m overjoyed! And humbled that she asked. I’ve already come up with nine book titles and cover pictures for each book.

Needless to say, I’m pleased I’ll be writing stories around characters I love. And I’m a bit amazed that other people shared my vision.

Since retiring to write books full time is out of the question at the moment, I resolve to find a way to work, write, and communicate with the readers I enjoy penning stories for. Having people enjoy my books is living abundantly for me.

Thanks to everyone who made The Certain Hope a reality.

And a special thank you goes to each reader for your warm feedback.

I appreciate your time.

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