The Paperback Pre-order For Pajama Party: The Story Is Ready!


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I am well into writing book three of the standalone hope-themed series. There will be five books in all. Hopefully, the editing will begin this summer. Much prayer is needed.

It Took A While, But I’m Done!

A lot has happened since the last book was published. Last fall, my mother suffered through some very serious health issues. Her illness relegated my writing time to the back table. Yet, I’m happy to say, God’s grace and mercy pulled her through it all. She is still blessing her family with her presence today. We trust God for giving her many more years to come. Jesus is the healer!

On the writing front, the companion book to A Living Hope is completed. In the book, Sadie Cummings wrote a novel for teens and young adults. Pajama Party: The Story is ready. Well, at least, the writing and editing is done. Thank you, Amber Barry and Angela Trent. Also, a special thank you to my tireless sister who read the story numerous times. Now, Formatting Experts is making the final preparations for publication. Both the book cover and formatting is in their capable hands.

What a joy to finally say, “Whew! Almost done.”

I love to write. Although I will miss my co-workers, I can hardly wait to say goodbye to the job that pays the bills. Since I am way behind the intended schedule, the third book from the hope-themed series will be available soon. Due to my mother’s illness, I’ve learned not to give dates. There are too many circumstances outside of my control.

Instead of sprinting along, I’ve decided to enjoy the journey to a lifelong writing career. Here’s to the next phase of my life.

Stay tuned.

The Final Book Blitz Features the Hope-themed Series

A Gateway to Hope and A Living Hope

Thanks to everyone for helping to get the word out to family and friends about the first two books in the hope-themed series. There were 440 entries to the giveaway for A Gateway to Hope and 553 entries for A Living Hope.

To cap off a summer full of events, Loving the Book will launch one last blitz, featuring bloggers from around the world. We’ll raffle off seven great prizes; one of each paperback, and two key chains for each book, plus a $10 Amazon gift card.

Join us Wednesday, September 7, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. MST for a day of fun. Click on the link and let us know you’re coming.

In the meantime, I’m busy writing Pajama Party: The Story.

And in September, auditions should begin for the audio version of A Gateway to Hope.

Talk to you soon!

A Living Hope Book Tour and Book Trailer

I am happily tired, excited and very thankful. The eBook and paperback for A Living Hope is available at major online retailers as of July 31.

The process was shorter and easier this time. But as with life in general, there is still a lot to know. Thank God I’m learning. But perhaps not as quickly as I would like to.

Join the virtual book tour hosted by Loving the Book now until August 21. Enter the giveaway, read the reviews and interviews, plus hangout with fellow readers from around the world.

eBook and Paperback:

Check out the book trailer with a voiceover for the book blurb.
A Living Hope Book Trailer (Book Blurb)